Magnum Materials are still open for business!

Magnum is still open and ready to serve.  We take Covid very seriously but are remaining open as we supply multiple key accounts that the Government class as business critical.  We intend to remain open during these difficult times and would like to re-assure customers that we are taking precautions to ensure the safety of our staff and customers.

We are expecting to see some minor delays will start to arise as stock levels decrease in the market.  We have seen some of the manufacturers struggling to cope with exceptionally high demand. With this in mind we are increasing stock levels and forward ordering to ensure continuity of supply. 

If there are products you are struggling to source or issues that the lock down is causing maybe we can help.

We are committed to ensuring our customers who serve critical areas of business can continue to offer a high standard of service with minimum delays. Here’s what you can do to avoid disappointment…

CONFIRM CRITICAL – In times where we might see an increase in orders we will prioritise any orders that are considered business critical
ORDER EARLY – Whilst we’re still offering a next day delivery service, telling us as soon as possible what you require and when will enable us to meet deadlines.
KEEP CALM – As demand increases we are seeing delays across manufacturers, with this in mind we are increasing our stock levels where possible.
These are unprecedented times and we are keen to help our customers wherever we can.

Stay Safe

Magnum Materials recognises the tireless work from key workers and NHS staff.

To show our appreciation we have used our L901 Label Printer and DLF220L Plotter to produce Thank You labels for the NHS.  Check out the Video of the labels being printed…

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No.1 Distributor of Afinia Inkjet Label Printers & Print Finishers

We have extensive experience of Self Adhesive Materials & a friendly knowledgable team. Whether you need a machine or materials, stick with us to find out more about our products.

When a customer buys a Memjet from us we…

Install the machine, train the customer to get the best productivity, supply everything they need to make a positive start, re-visit to ensure customer satisfaction. We then offer 3 types of Service & Maintenance Contract with the Machine.

Materials available in large or small slit reels

Our standard range encompasses over 400 products and with regular introductions of new lines, our commitment to quality, flexibility and a fast cost effective delivery…
We stock over 25 inkjet materials:
Gloss Papers, Matt Papers, Board, Polypropylene, Wine Materials, Silver Polyester

Print your own Labels

We offer a range of inkjet label printers to suit a wide variety of printing requirements. Our Afinia Label full-colour digital printers offer exceptional quality, efficient ink usage, and high speed. Whether you need high volume or just a few labels per day we have a machine for you.

We take care of our customers…

If a customer has a problem we will always help out with technical support. In the event of a technical issue…

Telephone Support

Visit within 48 hours

Label finishing that’s fast and efficient

We have everything you need to complete your print job. From single-purpose machines, to our end-to-end in-line label press, you’ll find a solution to your finishing needs that gives your company great return on investment.

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Innovative and functional packaging solutions for inkjet printing

With Afinia Label, Magnum presents an innovation for the production of packaging in waterbased inkjet printing for digital printers, converters, brands, and manufacturers.

Produce flexible, individualized packaging on demand. New sales concepts and product presentations open up new markets for you—high-quality, functional packaging for your products.

In cooperation with Afinia Label and digital inkjet printing technologies, Magnum is developing a unique solution that makes it possible to combine a sustainable, plastic-based material with the high-quality, environmentally friendly aqueous inkjet digital printing.

Print your packaging materials with high print performance on printers such as the Afinia Label L901.

From print to pack in minutes

Print small format flexible packaging on demand with the L901 and Magnums FlexJet range of products. Short run flexible packaging is now possible with solutions from Magnum Materials, adding even more flexibility to flexible packaging

Stand out from the crowd

When you own your flexible packaging printer, you have full control over the design and feel of your brand. In a competitive and evolving business world, packaging often plays a major role. Easily create design innovations for focus groups or internal discussion or proofing.  Take control of your print destiny.

Increase your profitability... 

On-the-spot custom packaging takes a standard retail product and—with the help of HP-powered desktop label printers from Afinia Label—relabels it in a way that gives it a personal touch. Typically, this is done by adding text or replacing a graphic element with a person’s name.

This type of on-demand custom packaging has presented itself as an opportunity for retail brands to maximize product interest and optimize the in-store buying experience.

At Magnum we offer 2 options of Afinia Label printers, the L501 and the L301 which are perfect for In-Store Personalisation. Afinia Label have been at the forefront of in-store product personalisation for the last 3 years. Working with some of the world’s most recognised brands, as well as small independent companies, they have been able to use their printers to bring the benefits of real time digital labelling to in-store retail and live event across the globe.

Use our first class machinery to label your cleaning products...

Magnums range of high quality inkjet labelling machines are being used in a wide variety of cleaning applications. We have machines performing different roles in the market ranging from simple box labelling to product labelling and even laminated version in durable applications.

The Afinia L-801 Plus is a high speed inkjet label printer that is at the forefront of inkjet printing technology.

Powered by Memjet technology the L-801 Plus is blisteringly fast with speeds up to 18 metres per minute on a 216mm width, producing vibrant full colour prints at a maximum of 1600dpi resolution. 

The revolutionary design utilises a 216mm wide static print head which has 70,400 jets that shoot millions of ink droplets through it per second.

We are proud to be the UK’s No.1 Distributor for Afinia’s Label Printers and Print Finishers. 

We hope to keep leading in our industry through innovation &  the highest possible standards in customer services.

Small but Mighty – the DLF Plotter 

The DLF-140S (max 140mm width) and DLF-220S (max 220mm width) are small-footprint versions of our full-size label finishers, designed for tabletop use.

Digitally cut any label

Ultra-precise cutting abilities easily produce beautiful full-bleed labels without a need for costly dies. A digital cut file guides the DLF’s plotter as it converts uncut, continuous-printed media into fully-finished labels.

All Afinia Label digital finishers have advanced plotter cutting technology. This allows you to cut different types of material and shapes on-the-fly, without the additional cost of dies. They are also equipped with a camera-based black mark registration system for pinpoint accuracy and consistency. This provides cutting speed optimisation without synchronisation issues.

Tabletop Digital Label Finisher

Standard Magjet Labels​

To simplify the complicated purchase of Labels for inkjet printing Magnum has developed a standard range of labels to suit the basic needs of customers.  However, the sizes below are made to be produced in large volumes and the savings generated by these volumes are passed onto the customer to make buying labels simple and economical. Read More

50mm x 25mm
Matt Paper Inkjet perm
LLST5025-A £POA per 1000
Gloss Paper Inkjet perm
LLST5025-B £POA per 1000
5.84mm gap between each label

76mm x 50mm
Matt Paper Inkjet perm
LLST7650-A £POA per 1000
Gloss Paper Inkjet perm
LLST7650-B £POA per 1000
5.88mm gap between each label

100mm x 76mm
Matt Paper Inkjet perm
LLST10076-A £POA per 1000
Gloss Paper Inkjet perm
LLST10076-B £POA per 1000
6.55mm gap between each label

100mm x 100mm
Matt Paper Inkjet perm
LLST100100-A £POA per 1000
Gloss Paper Inkjet perm
LLST100100-B £POA per 1000
5.833mm gap between each label

102mm x 153mm
Matt Paper Inkjet perm
LLST102153-A £POA per 1000
Gloss Paper Inkjet perm
LLST102153-B £POA per 1000
5.75mm gap between each label

Print your own Digital Labels with Magnum Materials.

UK based Magnum Materials is Europe’s premier distributor for Afinia’s label printing and finishing technology. With over 30 years experience in the label market Magnum is the professional’s choice.​

We have ranges of material to cover areas such as inkjet, laser, durable, labelling and tagging, our service is their to fulfil your needs. For over thirty years Magnum has offered a friendly, professional and high speed turn around. Most orders are shipped on the day of order which means you do not have to hold stock of unnecessary Product.


Magnum offers a slitting and distribution service to reduce lead times and maximise your productivity. Manufacturers of materials are becoming less flexible about slit patterns that are available and minimum slitting widths. Magnum is keen to slit your materials as required no matter how big or small. For more information about contract slitting contact our sales office.

Please contact our sales office on 0161 343 1131 to order your free of charge A5 samples of material.

As a business Magnum is keen for its customers to test materials to ensure they are suitable for the end users application.  If you require sample rolls please order from our sales office.

Check out our 2 New Label Printers - Available to buy now, Call us on 0161 343 1131

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Take a look at our complete range of Digital Label Printers & Print Finishers...

We offer a variety of inkjet and laser label printers that suit your needs. Our Afinia Label full-colour digital label printers offer exceptional quality, efficient ink usage, and high speed. At Magnum Materials, we have built a reputation for providing quality label industry products that make printing and finishing easier and more dependable than ever, while never losing focus on your number one overall concern: solid return on investment.

Call us on 0161 343 1131