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Label your cleaning products with our Label Printer

Cost Effective

With a low entry level price and a quick return on investment the L801 is a simple and efficient way to print your own labels.

High Quality

High quality vibrant labels produced at either 9m or 18m per minute make your label stand out from the crowd. For samples to prove just how good our print looks please contact our sales office.

On Demand

Printing digital labels could not be easier.  Printing on demand means that you are in control of your label production and can print as many labels as you need. Carry no printed stock and print it when you need it. Take control of your printing needs.





Customise your labels and have the ability to print individual labels for each customer.  The amazing flexibility of our machines means that you can print a single label to impress your client with no extra cost. Imagine a product with your name on it or different company messages on each item.  Your only limitation is your imagination.

L801 Colour Label Printer

The Afinia L-801 is a high speed inkjet label printer that is at the forefront of inkjet printing technology. Powered by Memjet technology the L-801 is blisteringly fast with speeds up to 18 metres per minute on a 216mm width, producing vibrant full colour prints at a maximum of 1600dpi resolution. The revolutionary design utilises a 216mm wide static print head which has 70,400 jets that shoot millions of ink droplets through it per second, resulting in what we call ‘Waterfall Technology’.