Pallet Kitchen

Take a look at our amazing new pallet kitchen, designed by our very own Noel

Our very talented Packer Noel has created Magnum Materials a very unique beautiful kitchen out of old pallets – taking upcycling to a whole new level! Not only is it enviromentally friendly but extremely cost effective.

It’s amazing how reclaimed wood can be so versatile and so visually appealing! It seems that, no matter what you need for your home or garden, it can be fashioned from a wooden pallet or two.

With some innovative ideas to get your creative thoughts in over-drive, once you start looking at wooden pallets in a positive light you’ll be amazed at their possible uses; you’ll find that they can be used in the home as well as the garden or in our case the workplace, to great effect! Perfect for amateurs and DIY beginners, the humble pallet is making a huge impact on the world of interior design as well as those who support upcycling with enthusiasm.

If we have inspired you to create your own upcycle from pallets check out the guide below…

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